A Safety Barrier is aimed to prevent or mitigate undesirable events, such as harm to people or loss of life, damage to the environment, reputation, or financial loss.
Our Services:
  • Identification of Safety Critical Elements (SCE)
  • Establishing barriers
  • Setting appropriate performance standards
  • Designing effective verification schemes
  • Aligning existing maintenance plans
  • Interactive dashboards and real-time data
  • Bow tie diagrams with real-time barrier statuses
  • Defining individual logic for barrier statuses change
Barrier Management allows to:
  • Identify hazards and top events
  • Define threats, consequences, and escalation factors
  • Determine technical, operational and organizational barriers
  • Build data model with customized rules
  • Monitor barrier statuses at any given time across plant and enterprise
  • Take appropriate actions in order to return to a safe state.