Knowing the true condition of the equipment and applying effective maintenance programs is essential to run a safe and efficient plant.
The operator must make sure that the systems are reliable, the maintenance program effective and the correct spare parts are available when needed.
The reality for many operators is often that even with all the modern tools/software they still struggle with proper insights about the true conditions of the equipment.

The reason for the lack of insights can be many, including

  • Data in the ERP system is not consistent, correct, and complete
  • Failure data is not captured in a structured way
  • Not easy/possible to analyze data between plants
It is essential that the ERP software is well configured and can enable an easy way to report and analyze system/equipment failures.
With our tool, we make it possible to view plant data and the ERP data in an Aspect Object model that supports the method for performing FMECA according to the ISO 14224 standard.
With our tool, we make it possible to analyze the existing data, improve the data and apply a strict method for failure analysis.